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“The knowledge provided by Ashley my personal trainer taught me how to train effectively. The nutrition advice I was given was extremely valuable. This compliments the hard work in the gym that I was doing in my personal training sessions. The motivation that Ashley given me, has inspired me to continue training and by seeing results it has also given me the drive to continue this work for a much improved fitness and lifestyle.”
From Rachel, Manchester


“Hi Ashley, just an e-mail to say how much I have been enjoying the circuit training that you run on Thursday evenings. I have found the sessions both energising and fun and you have managed to offer a weekly session that incorporates activities that I think use all the muscle groups in an entertaining and stimulating way.

I feel that I personally have benefitted from the classes as I generally feel fitter and stronger and I really like how you vary the sessions from week to week so that we don’t get bored or complacent.

You have always encouraged and listened to feedback so that you now you have a group of people who feel able to ask questions, offer suggestions and share any concerns confidently. I think you are a great fitness instructor and I hope the sessions continue well into the future.”
Thank you


“Dear Ashley,
I would definitely recommend your services as a personal trainer. You provide a very individualized programme that caters for my needs. The sessions contain everything that I require, cardiovascular, toning, core work, work on my balance and strength. Always taking into consideration my previous injuries to my wrist. Plus a variety that ensures I do not get bored.

Above all this you are able to motivate me and keep me enthused with your caring approach.


I have been working with Ash, as a client, for 10 weeks now attending one to one sessions on a regular basis and his Insanity class on a weekly basis. Ash is a pleasure to train with; he is organised, dedicated, punctual and hard working. He establishes your individual needs and tailors the sessions to meet them. Ash has gone above and beyond, with not only myself but with other clients, to ensure that we achieve the best possible results and achieve our targets.

Ash has not only assisted me in weights, cardio, strength and toning, he has also given me advice about diet and nutrition – even setting me up a diet plan! Ash does not limit his support to once a week in our training sessions, he is on hand all day every day to drop a text, email or phone call with questions or advice around our training.
As mentioned previously, I attend Ash’s Insanity class on a weekly basis. The class is a huge success and he uses it, to alter the intensity depending on who is in the class.

Ash has been a pleasure to train with and he would be an asset to your company.
If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07946771602.
Kind Regards,
Jennifer Winnard


“When I first started circuit training it was the first time in a long time that I had done that level of exercise. It has become an important part of my week, I find it challenging but rejuvenating. Since attending every week I have felt better in myself and seen my body become more toned and healthy. Ashley is a very thoughtful and encouraging trainer who makes everybody feel welcome.”

Catherine Williams,
Supervising Social Worker