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Thanks for visiting my website. I’m Ashley Simcock, a fully-qualified Personal Trainer based in Manchester. I am personable, adaptable, and ambitious and always look to developing further my own skills with a view to improving and enhancing skills in others.

Struggling to Meet Your Fitness Goals? You Need Ashley’s Fitness
How many people join the gym in January and are still regularly going in April? Most people quickly lose motivation, lose track of their goals and then gain little noticeable benefit, so give up. With Ashley’s Fitness a plan is agreed, targets are set, and you are encouraged and motivated to reach your goals faster and with more significant results. Whether your goals are Body Fat Loss, Strength Gain, Toning, or just your general fitness, Ashley’s Fitness will help you on a one to one basis from start to finish; safely, effectively and with dramatic results

Why Choose Ashley’s Fitness?
If you are looking for a highly-qualified personal trainer in Manchester who will help you gain great results, then I am your man! Not only am I a fully- qualified fitness instructor but also a qualified sports nutritionist. I will provide you with a detailed exercise plan and give you advice on nutrition which will significantly improve your success in reaching your goals. As my client, I give you my word that you will never receive less than 100% commitment and dedication from me. Once a target is set WE WILL reach it together.

How It Works
I am a specialist in posture, circuit training, spinning, and VIPR techniques. My personal training sessions can be done at your home, outside, or even online via Skype or email.

As well as one-to-one training I am qualified as an Activity Leader so I can provide group sessions on request- then that would not be a problem.

I believe training should always be progressive and enjoyable. It will be hard and challenging at times, but the dramatic results I can bring you will make it all worth while.

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